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Our Mission

The Mayes Foundation is a 501c3 dedicated to providing support for junior riders within the hunter/jumper community who are passionate, have talent, desire and drive, but lack the financial means to participate

"Horses have shaped my life, and if I could provide that opportunity to one child, to fill their hearts and enrich their lives, I feel that in some small way I can impact this world for the better. I have been honored to personally provide this opportunity to one child.

With your help, we could provide this opportunity to many more."

Ashley Holsinger

Founder & CEO of The Mayes Foundation

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Trainer Alliance

"Every trainer I know has a student in their program who could succeed in the sport with the appropriate financial support."

Ashley Holsinger

Founder & CEO of The Mayes Foundation

The objective of The Mayes Foundation is to help juniors of all skill levels across the country who have dreams that finances prevent them from achieving. While our initial goals are within our local Virginia community, we aspire to giving trainers far and wide the opportunity to help young riders in need.

Applicants must be nominated by trainers in the equestrian community, and applications will be reviewed and chosen by a panel of professionals selected by the board of directors. This process allows trainers to select a student that they feel is in need, and work collaboratively with other professionals to provide financial support where it is most needed. 

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Board of Directors

Ashley Holsinger

Tara Deckel

Sarah Vagnoni

Advisory Board

Elizabeth Vagnoni

Molly Jurick

Sarah Nolley

Judy Bishop

Brooke Kemper

George Gaston

Yarrow Roach

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