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Application Process

The Mayes Foundation application process is unique, as the applications are completed by the trainers of eligible young riders, rather than the riders alone. Professionals can identify a student in need of financial support, and apply on their behalf. The application does require a statement from the student or student's guardian in addition to the trainer's recommendation. This is in place to measure not only a young rider's financial need, but their passion and drive for this sport, as well as the impact that it had on their life.


Once applications are submitted, they are reviewed by a panel of trainers, who will chose the recipients. There is potential for follow up from the panel to the trainers for additional information.

Requirements and Procedures

Eligibility for Application:


- Junior Riders aged 5-18

- US Citizen or Legal Resident

- Demonstrate Financial Need

Application Procedures:

The application must be completed out by the trainer  on behalf of the junior. To complete the application, the trainer must answer in detail several questions that will help the panel of trainers make their decisions. The application also requires a statement from the junior rider or guardian about the impact of horses in their life.

The full application can be downloaded above, and completed applications are submitted by email, or by mailing a hard copy to The Mayes Foundation.

Application Questions:

1. What specifically are you looking for financial support for?

2. Who are you nominating? Please describe the qualities of character you see in your student that make them deserving of support.

3. Please submit a statement from your student on what their experience with horses means to them (or a statement from student guardian)

4. Please include full trainer contact information

5. Please include verification of financial need of student

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