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The Jenna Evans Wynne Horsemanship Grant

The Jenna Evans Wynne Horsemanship Grant was established in memory of Jenna Evans Wynne, by her family and her friends, with the hope that her ideals and tenacious character would be carried on in future riders.  The Grant will provide financial support to a junior rider within the Virginia Horse Show Association community who shares the same passion and tenacity for superior horsemanship that Jenna Wynne possessed. The grant will provide $10,000 annually to a young rider to help further their riding career, allowing the student to carry on Jenna's legacy. 

An applicant should have Jenna's love for all horses, regardless of show ring performance or ability. The applicant should have an enthusiasm for learning and an attention to detail, but most importantly, should recognize horses as privilege and have a desire to treat them with the utmost respect. The applicant must find just as much joy in merely being in the presence of the horses; cleaning the stall, bathing, scrubbing the tack, and learning what makes them thrive; as they would with a tricolor.

To apply, a trainer must nominate a junior VHSA member (Associate or A circuit) for the grant with a letter explaining how the student best exemplifies the qualities important to Jenna Wynne. The letter should also describe how the grant would be used to further and enhance the student’s riding career. 

Jenna's Story

As a junior exhibitor, Jenna Wynne never cared about winning. Her family couldn’t afford a finished show horse, so they bought an inexpensive 3-year-old mare named Quest. The show ring was the least important place to her, as she was just happy to have a horse of her own and develop a partnership. Her mentality always focused on that partnership over wins. It didn’t matter if she had a winning round or if the horse ran out to the right, she always gave the same care and love to the horse. Even on those difficult days, she felt lucky to be able to be with the horses. To her, it was a privilege to be in their presence. Jenna possessed an unconditional love and passionate for her equine friends that was noticeable with every interaction that she had with them.
That dedication continued into her adult life when she married Chris Wynne and became the “unofficial” organizer and cheerleader of Breckenridge Manor. Jenna was well-known for her charismatic, upbeat demeanor that showed in everything she did, be it in the barn, at the lunging ring, or at the show ring. When you saw her trademark pony tail bouncing around the show grounds, you knew she was preparing for success with enthusiasm. When Jenna brought a horse to the ring, it was beautifully turned out and perfectly prepared. She always worked without a competitive nature, as the true prize to her was her horse's happiness; that they were comfortable, well cared for, and impeccably turned out.
Her attention to detail wasn’t just for winning show horses, but for any horse in the barn. Jenna prided herself on giving individual care to each and every horse, and she was never one to cut corners concerning horsemanship. She was well versed in nutrition, cleaning aids, and care techniques. Down to the the last speck of manure in each horse's stall and ensuring that not a single hair was harmed during unbraiding, Jenna's attention to detail ensured that everyone at Breckenridge Manor succeeded in and out of the show ring. Her kind heart showed through her horsemanship, and it is our hope to spread that kindness and her legacy through this grant.


Eligibility and Application Information


To apply, a trainer must nominate a junior rider with a letter explaining how the student best meets the qualities of horsemanship important to Jenna Wynne, as well as describing how the grant would be used to further enhance the junior's riding career. Applications are to be filled out by trainers only. 

Applicants must be current VHSA members, competing on either on the associate circuit or the A circuit

Applications must be received by November 1st in order to be eligible for the award, which will be named and presented at the VHSA convention annually. 

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